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Product CenterCraftsmanship creates excellent quality and sells well throughout the country

Product AdvantagesCraftsmanship creates excellent quality and provides high-quality products for all parts of the country

  • Multi layer material tray

    The material silos in the industry generally only have one layer of material trays, while our company's intelligent material silos have more than ten layers of material trays, greatly reducing site space and improving sustainable production time by more than ten times that of the same industry, solving the problem of frequent manual operations and reducing labor costs

    The products are best-selling nationwide, forming a one-stop production chain of research and development, production, and sales. Every product has undergone professional and meticulous polishing from birth to formation, making it outstanding.
  • Learn at once

    The intelligent silo robotic arm does not require high manual technology, and it is easy to learn. Reduce the investment of enterprise talents and solve the labor shortage.
  • Overnight production

    Due to the continuous long processing time of the material feeding in this silo, it can achieve unmanned overnight production, improve production efficiency, reduce equipment investment, save space, and achieve unmanned workshop production of AGV cars.
  • Mobile connection

    The intelligent silo can be connected to a mobile app to achieve digital workshop collection.
  • Beautiful and atmospheric

    The appearance has a strong sense of technology and is beautiful and atmospheric, highly praised by the market and recommended by old customers with a high repurchase rate.

About Us

Zhejiang Luban Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was invested and built by Zhejiang Ruilong Automation Co., Ltd. in November 2021. It is located in Huaxi Street, Changxing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan.

Company Advantages

  • Professional

    Enterprises specializing in intelligent technology.

  • Rapid Growth

    Collaborative learning, exploration, research and development, training and integration.

  • Multiple Patents

    There are multiple new usage patents and invention patents, as well as diversified products.

  • Development

    We will continue to strengthen collaborative innovation efforts with research institutes.

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